About Emma Connolly: 

I am a self represented, semi-abstract landscape painter, creating elegant works in both watercolour & oil.
Unburdened by a conventional art degree and proudly self taught with a little help from my grandfather. I’m a prolific potter too!

I work full time from my garden studio in Bedfordshire, sometimes spilling into the house.

I also spend a rather large amount of time in a caravan on a farmer’s field in Suffolk.

I enjoy the solitude of long walks immersed in nature as I love to ponder and daydream and I'm perfectly happy with my own company.

I live in a draughty but beautiful Victorian house with my husband and two grown-up daughters.
My studio is at the back of the house in an old garden room and is filled with light.

My work is a conduit for my emotions- stirred from a beautiful scene in nature.
Painting soothes my soul and brings immense pleasure to my day.
My wish is for my paintings to bring the same soothing emotions and joy to my collectors.

Featured in: Meadow magazine, Country Homes & Interiors and In Her Studio.